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Marco  Plays  Classical  Guitar
Another Homemade Record ! !
With how conservative Rock & Roll has gone:
I figured the most radical thing I could be doing these days is immersing  
myself in Bach, Carulli and Mozart with my guitar.
3) Mozart
8) Sarabande 
The Prelude and the Mozart piece are by Fernando Carulli. My all-time fave guitar player. Ever!
Boceto Andaluz is by Bartolome Calatayud. He wrote and performed in Spain in the 50s and 60s.
The Minuet’s by Johann Sebastian Bach; who likely wrote it on lute or cello, because it lends itself 
to guitar very easily right away. Now, Segovia insisted all the time that Bach was also a guitar 
player and must have composed most of his piano and harpsichord music on the guitar first. I 
think I buy that. They sure are easier to transcribe than a lot of other literature.
The Grand Etude is Carulli and so is Theme and Variation.
PICTURED: This is me kickin' back and lookin' on as my cousin from NYC plays a "bunch
of heavy metal stuff" on my 1950's hand made Mexican classical guitar. 
"Note the footstool I crafted with piano keys ripped out of a broken Steinway."
  -- Marco Capelli
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