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Marc Frucht. [Mr. Marco]
Nationally nominated songwriter/producer Marco "Capelli" Frucht
[pictured here with Pete Seeger] works as an artist, composer, classical guitarist, poet, singer, sound engineer, teacher and hunter/gatherer who has lived more than half his life in Groton, Konetiuk, USA.
You may have heard him singing the jingle for the Green Bay NewsChronicle, [ MP3 | OGG | RM ] on Wisconsin radio and TV stations.
He was also the editor of a world famous underground weekly newspaper called Activist Times from '88 'til 2012 or so! ATI has it's own Usenet Newsgroup (alt.society.ati).
"Marco has written volumes of journals and poems. Among so many things, he has been a grocerystore clerk, a stock broker, a newspaper editor, and a sheep herder on Hopi Partitioned lands.

[Curriculum Vitae|Most Recent Resume|Very Long CoverLetter]

"Here are some of his songs, which I recorded and co-produced for him."
-- Carl Franklin*

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"Above all, I can say I'm glad to be his friend." -- Carl Franklin

"If you're not doing s0m3th1ng d1ff3r3nt,
you're not doing anything."
-- "Memphis Recording Service" and Sun Records'
Sam Phillips 1923-2003